Dr. Griselda Bonilla
Senior Manager, Advanced Interconnect Technology, IBM Research


Griselda Bonilla is currently a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and Senior Manager of the Advanced Interconnect Technology group at IBM Research. Griselda leads a cross-functional team involved in the integration, scaling, and optimization of semiconductor materials, on-chip interconnects, and processes for use in the next generation of chips and electronic devices. In this role, she has a proven track record of successfully taking research concepts from the laboratory to early production. Her work has been rewarded internally with several technical accomplishments, including a Corporate Award in 2016, IBM’s highest technical recognition. She has authored or coauthored over 80 papers and presentations and has been issued over 30 patents.
Prior to this role, Griselda was responsible for extending IBM’s microelectronics technology and manufacturing leadership through innovations in materials, processes, and reliability methodology. This work lead to a detailed understanding of the impact of scaling and material properties on reliability performance of semiconductor devices and was responsible for setting Back-End-Of-Line (BEOL) interconnect materials roadmap for robust electrical and mechanical reliability. Since joining IBM, she has delivered technology solutions for multiple generations of CMOS technology used in respective IBM “P” and “Z” servers and miscellaneous ASIC products, including game processors.