Haruyoshi Kumura
Fellow, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Dr. Haruyoshi Kumura was appointed Fellow in charge of Technology Intelligence of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in April 2009.

He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Master’s course of Mechanical Engineering in March of 1981 and joined Nissan Motor. After assuming several management positions in Nissan’s Powertrain and Environment Research Laboratory, he became General Manager in the laboratory in 2003. His appointment to Vice President in charge of Nissan Research Center in 2005 was quickly followed by his promotion to Corporate Vice President in 2006.

He holds a doctor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Yokohama National University.


Motilities are the base of modern society, the automotive industry needs to accelerate the development of solutions for the social issues such as environment, energy resources, traffic accidents and urban congestions.

Nissan sets the vision as “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” for leading the people to better world.

Nissan gave generously the electrification and vehicle intelligence technologies into “New Nissan LEAF”. The technologies will be discussed in detail. Finally the future issues for Autonomous drive world will be discussed.