Shlomo Gadot
CEO, Inuitive


Mr. Shlomo Gadot, BSc. MBA with 34 years of experience of management start-up companies.

Mr. Gadot is a graduate from the Technion (Israel institute of technologies) and has a Master in Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Shlomo is the CEO and co-founder of Inuitive Ltd. Inuitive is developing a 3D imaging and multi core processors chip. This chip includes the most advance 3D depth, computer vision processors and deep learning processor (CNN, RNN).

Prior to Inuitive, he had founded Percello Ltd. in 2007 and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Percello was acquired by Broadcom in 2010 for 88M$ with in less than 3 years from establishment. After acquisition he has served as a senior director at Broadcom and led the small cell unit.

Prior to Percello Mr. Gadot was a Co-Founder of Modem Art Ltd. and served as its Chief Executive Officer. ModemArt was acquired by Agere for $145M in 2005 .

Prior to Modem-Art, he served at AT&T Paradyne and AT&T Bell Labs where he was in the founding team that developed the first ADSL/HDSL in the world. His team had span off from AT&T and became a public company (Globespan – GSPN)


Computer Vision based on multiple sensors for vision as 2D and 3D sensors together with qualified microphones, coupled with IP connectivity and artificial intelligence will be giving revolutionary leaps in Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and application.