Tatsushi Hamaguchi
Researching Team Leader, Sony corporation


Tatsushi Hamaguchi received his BS and MS from Kyoto University in Japan. He worked at the Nitride Semiconductor Research Laboratory at Nichia Corporation and at the University of Tokyo. He is currently the Group Leader of GaN-based VCSELs at Sony Corporation.


GaN-based VCSELs are destined to replace conventional LEDs and lasers as light sources in many applications, like laser printers, projectors, displays, solid-state lighting, optical communications and biosensors. And if green and blue forms of this device are united with red-emitting GaAs VCSELs, this could spawn incredibly small, wearable projectors and high-power light sources for full-colour displays. However, making a GaN-based VCSEL has been far harder than producing a GaAs-based cousin because of characteristics of Gallium Nitride. This talk reviews the latest breakthroughs to enable the fabrication of GaN-VCSELs and their potential applications.”