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Short Course of MEMS  Manufacturing

Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Time: 08:30 – 12:00
Venue: Tower Function Room 8+9, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

Co-organized by:

Instructor: May Wang     Download

Lecture Outlines

• MEMS device applications and market overview
• Fundamentals of commonly used MEMS devices in mobile application
• Magnetic sensor technology and process overview
• Unique challenges in the MEMS manufacturing technologies (equipment, process platform, materials and etc)
• Key process modules in MEMS manufacturing (DRIE, wafer bonding, sacrificial materials and etc)
• Correlation between MEMS design and key process modules
• Analysis and comparisons between different MEMS process approach
• Overview of mainstream MEMS and CMOS integration schemes
• Packaging technologies in MEMS manufacturing flow and their impact on device performance
• General cost structure and analysis of MEMS manufacturing
• The trend in MEMS devices and process technology

Speaker Bio:

  May Wang current serves as the Director of Technology in QST Corporation, which is a start-up company developing high performance sensors and modules for consumer electronics market. She manages the technology development and foundry program for all sensor products and successfully delivers the 1st fully-integrated 3X AMR devices on 8” wafer ready for mass production. 

May Wang has over 15 years of experiences span across semiconductor, MEMS and Solar industry, with background in technology development and program management. Prior to joining QST in 2012, May works many years as senior manager in Applied Materials Solar Technology Center, overseeing various advanced cell technology programs. Prior to that, she leads the effort to develop the technology platform for 2 generations of MEMS micro-mirror devices in world renowned IC/MEMS foundry and managed the product verification group in Miradia Inc. At the beginning of her career, May also works as senior process engineer in Applied Materials DSM division.

May Wang earns her BS/MS degrees in Chemical Engineer from Tianjin University and University of Cincinnati respectively. She holds >35 US patents covering semiconductor and MEMS processing technology.

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