Dr. Jian-fu Zhang
Liverpool John Moores University

Jian-fu Zhang is a professor in microelectronics in the School of Engineering, Liverpool John Moores University since 2001. He received a B.Eng. degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1982 and a Ph.D. degree from Liverpool University in 1987. He was a member of the technical program committee for the IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialist Conference (SISC) and a co-organizer for the International Symposium on Silicon Nitride, Silicon Dioxide and Emerging Thin Insulating Films, held at the Electrochemical Society Meeting. He has authored or co-authored over 100 papers, including 11 invited papers at several international conferences. His current research interests include performance, degradation, and defect characterization of Si and Ge devices, high-k layers, and non-volatile memories.