Dr. Kelvin XIA
Senior Consultant,
Huatek China

Kelvin Xia received his Ph.D. from Tsinghua University majored in Electric Engineering with emphasizing on Microwave Technology and Electromagnetic Field Theory in 1990. After his Ph.D. study, Dr. Xia focused his research and development on Artificial Intellectual and Machine Translation for couple of years. Then he entered into the semiconductor industry. Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Xia has possessed different experience in application development, technical support, sales and marketing, as well as strategic management within the industry. Dr. Xia entered Agilent in May 2005 as China Service and Support Manager for Semiconductor Test Group, and assumed the China GM position in 2009 at Verigy (spun-off from Agilent in 2006). Dr. Kelvin Xia was the Vice President of Advantest China. Currently, Dr. Xia is the Senior Consultant for Huatek.