Dr. Jianhua Ju
Assistant Director, SMIC Tech R&D

Dr. Jianhua Ju received his B.S. degree (1982) and MS degree (1986) with a major in Semiconductor Physics and Chemistry from Shanghai University, Ph. D degree (2001) in Microelectronics and Solid Electronics from Shanghai Institute of Physics and Technology, Academy of China. From 1986 to 1998 he worked for Shanghai University holding various positions from assistant professor to associate professor. His research field was in diamond and diamond-like amorphous-carbon film deposition, characterization and application in optical devices.

From November 2001, Dr. Ju joined Semiconductor Manufacturing International Cooperation in Shanghai as senior engineer then principal engineer working on 0.18um/0.13um low-power logic core and IO device development. Dr Ju was promoted to technology manager and then senior manager leading 65nm/55nm low-power logic device teams to set up technology platforms. As assistant director Dr Ju lead the 40nm device team to successfully develop this technology low-power core, SRAM and IO device platform and transferred to high volume production as SMIC. Now he is leading 20/14nm device team to develop FinFET logic devices. Dr. Ju is a co-inventor of 30 issued US and Chinese patents and 13 patent applications and a co-author of more than 30 journal and conference publications.