Dr. Jim Li
Senior Director of Customer Engineering Integration, ASE Chungli, ASE Group


Dr. Jim Li is currently the Senior Director of Customer Engineering Integration at ASE Chungli of ASE Group, responsible for new product introduction. With more than 17 years of experience in advanced packaging technology development, Dr. Li held several management positions including design team, modeling & measurement labs and business promotion & tech support. Moreover, he holds more than 10 patents related to semiconductor packaging. Dr. Li received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, USA.


Heterogeneous integration and miniaturization becomes a focused subject as this is a critical solution for tomorrow’s package.  By heterogeneous integration and miniaturization, we are able to assemble several types of components into a given size/area package such that a device can be equipped with multiple functions.  This solution may extend and go beyond the spirit of Moors’ law.  With the growth of IoT, sophisticated algorithm for cloud computing and big data, current electronic devices are becoming smarter and yet device size is even much smaller than the predecessors.  Today's devices not only process data/ information passively; also actively sense environment (mechanically, optically, and chemically), analyze data, generate information and take actions.  In this presentation, we update package miniaturization solutions and shares progresses to integrate heterogeneous components in a package to meet requirement for advanced devices, and pave the path for tomorrow's needs.