Dr. David HUANG
Pall Corporation, USA

Dr. David Huang is currently working for Pall Corporation as a Sr. Director, leading global R&D teams to develop purification & separation products and support customers for microelectronics including semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED and FPD industries. Prior joining Pall, he worked for Praxair as the Director of CMP R&D. His expertise covers semiconductor manufacturing, consumables for both semiconductor and photovoltaic industries, with hands on experience on CMP process, equipment and industrial consumables, process integration and R&D management from Intel (computer chip maker), Seagate (hard drive industrial leader) and Praxair (CMP pad and slurry). He also devoted himself in fundamentals study of materials science for eight years as a researcher in Materials Science Institute in Italian Academy of Science (CNR) and University of California at Berkeley.

Dr. Huang received his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from University of California at Berkley and completed a management program sponsored by CSIRO/BHP in Sydney, Australia. He was the winner of prestigious IAA 2000 (Intel Achievement Award). Dr. Huang holds several patents in material separation, magnetic thin film head design and new polymer chemistry world wide, published papers in prestigious journals, gave seminars to universities and keynote / invited talks to international conferences. He is the conference chairman of China Photovoltaic Technology International Conference (CPTIC), and conference co-chairman of China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC). He also served as the executive committee of several major international conferences in US.