Frank Su 苏泳桦
Vice President, Worldwide Business Development, SEMSYSCO PG, Lam Research

摘要 / Abstract

Many Economic benefits are expected to come from continued scaling in the substrate market and the expansion of the PLP market. These markets both suffer from many of the same well-known challenges, lack of standards primary among them. PLP has the added challenge that it is most economical for high volume devices which limits the total market size. The technology and equipment requirements for these markets are moving closer together. This could create the scale needed to enable a robust market for equipment.

This presentation will cover how these markets appears to be converging in their requirements and how this could benefit enable a stronger equipment supplier base in the future. In addition, with acquisition of SEMSYSCO, we expand the advanced packaging capabilities for chiplet-to-chiplet or chiplet-to-substrate heterogeneous integration.