Dr Dave Thomas
Vice President Product Management of SPTS Technologies Ltd.

讲师简介 / Speaker Bio

Dr Dave Thomas worked for Philips Components and Nortel before joining SPTS (at that time Electrotech) in 1994 as a PVD Process Engineer, becoming PVD Technology Manager for Japan in 1996.
He became Product Marketing Manager for Etch Products in 1997 and promoted to Marketing Director for Etch Products in 2008, responsible for SPTS’s etch product line, including marketing, product positioning & sales support. Dr Thomas now holds the position of Vice President, Product Management.
Dr. Thomas holds a BSc in Chemistry (Leeds University), MSc in Surface Chemistry & PhD Plasma Etching & Deposition (University of Bristol), and actively participates, and presents widely on etch and deposition technologies at global conferences. He has also authored over 30 technical articles and papers.

摘要 / Abstract

End applications such as electric vehicles, wind energy and cellular base stations are also driving the demand for higher voltages and higher frequencies. SiC and GaN are the primary wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors in use to address these challenging requirements. Last year Yole forecast that the SiC and GaN power device markets will reach $6B[1] and $2B[2], respectively, by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of >30%, and more recently announced they expect the GaN RF market to exceed $2B by 2028[3]. Critical to the fabrication of these devices are the plasma etching steps, and uniform deposition of high quality dielectric and metal films. This paper will review specific etch and deposition needs and show examples of high productivity solutions. These will include hard-mask open, SiC/GaN etching, frontside and backside metallization and PECVD of low damage, stress-controlled SiN.
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[3] Yole Développement, "RF GaN Compound Semiconductor Market Monitor" (Mar 2023)