Xiaolin Cai 蔡晓林
Applications Manager of KLA Corporation
产品应用经理,KLA Corporation

讲师简介 / Speaker Bio

Xiaolin Cai is the Applications Manager at KLA Instruments Group. He joined KLA in 2013 and has extensive experience with bare wafer defect inspection for compound semiconductor wafers including SiC, GaN, GaAs, InP, etc. being used for Power, RF, LED, Communications and Sensing markets.

摘要 / Abstract

Semiconductors are the core of innovation in today’s automobiles. Automotive ICs are subjected to even more stringent reliability than other semiconductor applications. Safety is a paramount aspect to consider, besides function and performance when dealing with automobiles, therefore chip reliability is critical to both vehicle safety and function. Power devices used for automobile applications are subjected to these same stringent quality standards as other automotive ICs. Automobile chips are expected to work for long periods of time or more and chip reliability is an important aspect of extending chip lifetime.
Wafer quality, processing capability and defectivity have a strong correlation to chip reliability and to meet automobility industry requirements, a ZERO DEFECT strategy needs to be adopted with a target to achieve ≤1 defect per million as a quality standard.
KLA has a board portfolio of solutions to enable process development and achieve effective process control to meet this ZERO DEFECT strategy. With solutions covering semiconductor wafer processing, inspection and metrology needs, you will be able to inspect and find critical defects, measure critical process attributes and finetune your production processes to achieve yield targets to meet automobile reliability and safety requirements.