Winson Ye 叶惟
Sales Director of Qingdao Sifang SRI Intellectual Technology Co. Ltd

讲师简介 / Speaker Bio

叶惟Winson Ye是思锐智能SRII在中国地区的半导体ALD设备销售总监,负责半导体业务市场。叶先生在半导体行业有20年的工作经验,曾在知名半导体设备公司主管技术和市场以及销售等工作。加入思锐智能销售团队之前,其在EPILUVAC及AIXTRON公司负责中国地区半导体设备相关销售和技术服务。叶先生之前的工作经历包括AMAT以及CANON(ANELVA)。

摘要 / Abstract

For the past 40 years the microelectronics industry has relied on the scaling down of device size in order to improve the performance, functionality, and bit density of chips, as described by Moore’s law. Atomic Layer Deposition technology has increasingly contributed to the miniaturization of electronic systems due to providing dense, conformal, and pinhole-free thin films with exact thickness control, and excellent step coverage at a wide range of deposition temperatures. ALD is now set to enable More-than-Moore (MtM) device technologies for the years to come and easily incorporate into the manufacturing process of GaN, SiC, and traditional IGBT power devices, as well as GaAs, InP and GaN based RF and Photonics devices. This involves high quality surface passivation and gate dielectric stacks courtesy to a low density of interface states, high breakdown voltage, low leakage currents and other device specific figures of merit.

There are few challenges with the adoption of ALD in the production of MtM devices. First, there must be a need to enable a technology inflection for which ALD becomes a must. Second, generally, the throughput of ALD is perceived to be too low or its cost of ownership too high. Regarding the first challenge ALD is the way to go when surface and interface control is critical and/or films with high quality, conformality, and uniformity are needed. When it comes to throughput one order-of-magnitude improvement is made possible thanks to our advanced batch thermal ALD technology. This is sometimes called mini-batch – designed for standard wafer handling systems and advanced cluster tool design, incorporating a rapid pre-heating for manufacturing worthiness. Beneq Transform® and Transform® 300 ALD cluster tools as well as Beneq Prodigy™ standalone equipment deliver manufacturing worthy processes with un-equaled versatility for wafer sizes from 75 mm to 300 mm and are set to transform the More-than Moore era. Transform® and Transform® 300 are the only ALD cluster tools offering both Thermal ALD (batch) and Plasma ALD (single wafer) technologies for maximum flexibility and capability to enable various capacity, product, and application mixes.

This presentation reviews current and future applications of ALD across Power and Compound Semiconductor devices. It emphasizes the ALD materials and technologies enabling key functionalities such as gate dielectrics and high-k, doping, surface passivation, and interface control. The combination of the sequence of PEALD and thermal mini-batch ALD processes can provide a high degree of versatility and configurability and meets high-throughput requirements.