Dr. Chen Wang

Associate Professor,
Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Chen Wang is tenured track Associate Professor in Tsinghua University and member of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Integrated Circuits. Before joined Tsinghua University, he worked years for Intel Corp, Lam Research in the Bay Area, U.S.A. as senior research engineer for developing advanced logic and memory chips devices, process and equipment. Before he moved to Bay Area, he got his Ph.D from UCLA. He was awarded Gold Prize with Jury Congratulation of 48th Geneva International Innovation Exhibition (2023), Green Tech Award (2022), Intel Group Recognition Award (2019), MRS GSR Silver Award (2017). His current research focus on fundamental research for post Moore’s era, including emerging semiconductors, novel functional devices, microsystem integrated chips, basic device transportation physics and terahertz photonics. His research results are published in top journals, including Nature, Science, Nature Electronics, Nature Nanotechnology, Science Advances, Chemical Society Reviews, etc with 10000+ citation, and approved/submitted 20+ PCT/China patents. He is board member of National Standard Council of Nanotechnology of China, Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA ), Associate Editor of Frontier in Materials, Micro Nano Letters, Youth Editor board member of SmartMat, Nano Micro Letters, Frontiers in Physics, Journal of Materials Science and Engineering. He was invited speaker or keynote speaker for 10+ international/national conferences, such as CSTIC, MRS, ACS, IEEE NANO, LDMAS, etc.