Jim Handy
General Director, Objective Analysis

个人简介 / Biography

Jim Handy of Objective Analysis has over 35 years in the electronics industry including 20 years as a leading semiconductor and SSD industry analyst. Early in his career he held marketing and design positions at leading semiconductor suppliers including Intel, National Semiconductor, and Infineon. A frequent presenter at trade shows, Mr. Handy is known for his technical depth, accurate forecasts, widespread industry presence and volume of publication. He has written hundreds of market reports, articles for trade journals, and white papers, and is frequently interviewed and quoted in the electronics trade press and other media. He posts blogs at www.TheMemoryGuy.com, and www.TheSSDguy.com.

摘要 / Abstract

For decades emerging memories like MRAM, PCM, ReRAM and FRAM, have been investigated since they appear to solve all of the problems that today’s memories pose. Very few of them have ever been put into volume production. This presentation will explain why these technologies have not succeeded in the past, and will show how today’s market is likely to give them success over the next few years. The presentation will include in-depth analysis of historic shipments of MRAM, FRAM, and 3D XPoint memory.