Date: 13:30-15:00, Monday, March 15, 2021
Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center
Room: 5H

Title:Automotive IC Trend and Test Solution

Junlin Wang
Consultant, Advantest

works at Advantest China, in Business Development & Center of Expertise Asia, responsible for the power, analog and automotive test engineering and technical consultant. has fast 10 years of experience in the field of Mixed Signal-/Power Automotive Ics as test engineer, has long been responsible for the development and management of automotive test engineering projects for German and European customers of the world's top automotive semiconductor companies. Proficient in the entire process from chip test engineering development to production; proficient in brake system chips with high safety and reliability requirements, airbag control chips, motors, engines, switches and other control system chips, and automatic driving sensor chips; proficient in many ATE test platform; proficient in English and German. In 2011 joined Advantest Europe and In 2019, he returned to China and joined the Advantest China in Asia Center of Expertise.

German nationality, 41 years old, graduated from Germany's elite universities, RWTH AACHEN University as Diplom-Ingenieur, in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Electricity and autonomy have become the inevitable development trend of the automotive industry. This trend drives the tremendous growth of the automotive industry’s demand for semiconductor products. Compared with traditional cars, it required to use multiple sensors to collect information like cam, lidar and radar, more powerful data processing capabilities, and more efficient power supply. ADAS requires vehicles to be connected, 5G , AI/IOT technology needs to be integrated into the car for the high level autonomous driving. The BMS chip used for monitoring and balancing of battery cells for an efficient, reliable and safe energy management system. But for automotive semiconductor Ics must be followed such guild lines and standard like AEC-Q100 and ISO-26262 to go through stringent qualification, testing, and reliability criteria. It is a key concern and the challenge to meet the high-reliability requirements of zero failures in automotive industry. In this seminar, I will introduce to you how about the trends and challenges of automotive Ics, test solutions for the typical automotive devices and how about their test engineering to meet the zero failure requirements.

Sub Topic:
• Trend of Automotive semiconductor
• Electrification(xEV), autonomy(ADAS, V2X)
• test solutions for the typical automotive devices
• Battery management Ics, high power dcdc suppliers, MCU/ADAS, CAN/PSI5…
• high-reliability requirements of automotive ICs test engineering
• Quality standard, AEC-Q100, PAT, MSA…
• Release procedure for production…