Guanghui Yang 杨光辉
智能配电工程应用大学负责人, 施耐德电气(中国)有限公司
Head of SEEU, Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd

个人简介 / Biography

Joined Schneider Electric in 2006, engaged in the research and design of power system & automation system in various segments for a long time, focusing on the application of power system in various segments under the industrial Internet architecture. Familiar with the digital application in industrial plant infrastructure, large power supply and distribution system infrastructure, data center and other industries, have a deep understanding of the construction and application of industrial enterprises and civil buildings. He has participated in the standard discussion and writing of intelligent power system and edge control system in various segments for many times. He has rich experience in the preliminary consultation, design, planning and implementation of distribution infrastructure. He has also participated in the construction and verification of several intelligent systems, and has rich experience in the application of intelligent distribution industry under the industrial Internet system.