Michael Yi 易义军
SPTS Technologies

个人简介 / Biography

Michael Yi is Sales Account Manager for SPTS Technologies in China and based in the Shanghai office. Michael has more than 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining the SPTS China sales team in 2013, he was principal process engineer at Huali Microelectronics and was responsible for 55nm/45nm thin film process development. Michael’s prior work experience also include GLOBALFOUNDRIES (Singapore), ASMC (Shanghai) and SMIC (Beijing).

摘要 / Abstract

High power devices are required for infrastructure projects, as RF connectivity proliferates. End applications such as electric vehicles, wind energy and cellular base stations are also driving the demand for higher voltages and higher frequencies. SiC and GaN are the primary wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors in use to address these challenging requirements. According to Yole the SiC and GaN power device markets will reach $3B and $680M, respectively, by 2025. Critical to the fabrication of these devices are the plasma etching steps.

This paper will review specific etch needs and show examples of high productivity solutions. These will include hard-mask open and shallow SiC trench etching, deep SiC via formation for RF and low damage SiNx and GaN etching primarily for GaN on Si structures. End-point detection, an essential method of process control, will also be discussed, including a novel end-point technology for SiC via etching which is compatible with metal masks and low open area.