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Online Conference  
Parallel Symposium Oral Sessions: June 29-July 17, 2020

Symposium Chair: Xin-Ping Qu
Symposium Co-chairs: Yuchun Wang and Jingxun Fang

Session I: CMP Integration
** Lead the future

Tsujimura Manabu, Ebara Corp.
* Solving CMP challenges for chemically stable materials and 3D shapes

Hitoshi Morinaga, FUJIMI Incorporated
* Post CMP Cleans Evolution and Defect Improvement Approaches

Katrina Mikhaylichenko, Applied Materials
Session II: CMP Slurry
* Stop on nitride slurry development

Shoutian Li, Anji Microelectronics
* Novel Abrasion-free CMP Technology with High Performance Polishing Slurry

Yuling Liu, Hebei University

Study of Ceria Settling in CMP Slurry

Li Zhang, Anji Microelectronics

iAPC WiW for Wafer-Edge Profile Control in FEOL CMP

Yunlong Wu, Applied Materials
Session IV: CMP Profile
* Sidewall characterization and 3D-AFM applications

Tae-Gon Kim, Hanyang University
* Pattern loading effect optimization of BEOL Cu CMP in 14nm technology node

Zhang Lei, Huali

High-K Metal Gate Al-CMP within die Uniformity and Selectivity Study

Ziheng Li, SMNC
Session V: Metal CMP(I)
* The adsorption and removal of corrosion inhibitors during metal CMP

Jin-Goo Park, Hanyang University
Session VI: Modeling
* Modeling of chemical mechanical polishing incorporating the effect of micro contact of polishing pad

Ping Zhou, Dalian University of Technology

Molecular dynamics study on sub-nanoscale removal mechanism of 3C-SiC in a fixed abrasive polishing

Piao Zhou, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Session VII: Metal CMP(II)

Role of Slurry Chemistry for Defects Reduction during Barrier CMP

Chenwei Wang, Hebei University of Technology

Role of slurry Additions on Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Cu/Ru/TEOS in H2O2-based Slurry

Chao Wang, Hebei University of Technology

Effect of various Surfactants on surface Roughness Reduction during Cobalt "Buff step" CMP

Yuanshen Chen, Hebei University of Technology
Session VIII: Compound CMP

Mechanism Analysis of Silicon Surface and Carbon Surface CMP of 4H-SiC Wafer

Gaoyang Zhao, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology

Investigation on the gallium nitride polishing process under hybrid-field effects

Zhigang Dong, Dalian University of Technology

Effect of potassium salts on the Chemical Mechanical Polishing Efficiency of Sapphire Substrate
  Lu Yanan, Hebei University of Technology

Conference Poster Session: June 26-July 17, 2020

  Study on Cleaning Process of Large Size Sapphire Substrate after CMP
  Zhen Liang, Hebei University of Technology
  A Study of Causes and Improving Methods of Chipping in BSI Process
  YurongCao, HLMC
  Study on the Properties of Silica Colloid Prepared by Different Processes in Silicon Wafer CMP
  Li Weiwei, Hebei University of Technology
  Metal Clear Sensor- A Residual Free Solution for Al CMP in 28HKMG Technology
  Yunhong Hou, Applied Materials China
  Far-Edge “Check Mark” Profile Control for CMP
  Youlai Xiang, Applied Materials China
  AMAT High Performance Pad Condition(HPPC) --- A Novel Process Control System
  Qiaofeng Zhang, Applied Materials China
  Creating a Cu CMP ISRM Segment to Prevent Cu Residue Defect in 28nm Logic Technology
  Wang Lin, Applied Materials China
  TiN CMP Endpoint Development for 45nm PCRAM
  Wang Lin, Applied Materials China
  Full Vision XE for Profile Control in Advanced Applications
  Ying Xu, Applied Materials
  FullVision™ XE with MPC In-Situ Profile Control for Oxide CMP
  Changxing Tan, Applied Materials
  Impact of bevel condition on STI CMP scratch
  Meng yuanyuan, HLMC
  Material removal mechanism of copper during the chemical mechanical polishing process under pad-asperity scale
  Lin Wang, Dalian University of Technology
  Effects of Heat Treatment in Air Environment on the Dispersivity of Nanodiamond
  Xiaoguang Guo, Dalian University of Technology
  Effect of Complexing agent in Slurry on CMP property for Barrier Material Cobalt
  Jinsong Zuo, Tianjin University of Technology
  Investigation on Alkaline Based Fumed Silica Slurry pH Effect on Oxide CMP Micro Scratch and Improvement method
  Xueliang Li, Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
  Recycling Slurry by Bleed and Feed Method for Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Mono Silicon Wafer
  Wei-Chin Pu, Chao-Chang Chen, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  Role of Diethylenetriamine Pentaacetate Pentapotassium in Barrier Slurry for Copper Barrier Chemical Mechanical Planarization
  Huo Zhaoqing, Hebei University of Technology
  Effect of Potassium Oleate as the Inhibitor on Copper CMP
  Yang Chenghui, Hebei University of Technology

Effects of different inhibitors on Cu-Co galvanic corrosion in post CMP cleaning

Xiaoqin Sun, Hebei University of Technology
  Effect of chelators on the removal of BTA in post-CMP cleaning
  Liu Mengrui, Hebei University of Technology

Effect of TT-LYK on Copper CMP with Ru/Ta as barrier/liner

Xue Zhang, Hebei University of Technology
  Effect of Various Complexing Agents for Cobalt "bulk step" Chemical Mechanical Planarization
  Yundian Yang, Hebei University of Technology