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Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Venue: Pudong Ballroom 4, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

With the power semiconductor devices are playing more and more important role in the field of the mobile communications, consumer electronics, new energy, transportation, power generation, the coming of “ Intelligently made in China" era will bring more new opportunities for development and growth of power semiconductor industry.

SEMI China will organize "Power Semiconductor Forum 2016” on Mar.17 ,2016 in Shanghai during SEMICON China 2016, the conference will cover topics including WBG (wide band gap) semiconductor materials and devices like GaN and SiC technology, IGBT applications in high speed raid , RF power devices for communications etc. We invite you to participate in this forum, and look forward to seeing you!

08:30-09:20 Registration
09:20-09:30 Welcome Remark
Session 1: III-V Semicondcutor and Communications

Session 1:III-V Semicondcutor and Communications Moderator:

Daniel  Tracy
Senior. Director of IRS, SEMI

Opening Keynote
GaN Power Amplifiers for 4G Base-station

Naiqian ZHANG
President of Dynax Semiconductor, Inc.

The Co-chair of SEMI China Power & Compound Semiconductor Commitee
Front End Power Management for the Next Generation

Ripley David
Sr. Technical Director of Skyworks Solutions Incoroporated
The GaAs and GaN foundry technologies in Sanan-IC

Richard Huang
TD VP of Xiamen San’an Optoelectronics Technology Co.Ltd.

A member company of SEMI China Power & Compound Semiconductor Committee

GaN-Si MOCVD advancements for improved power device performance

Somit Joshi
Sr. Director of Marketing in Veeco

11:40-13:00 Break
Session2 : High-Voltage Power Semiconductor Technology
Session2 : High-Voltage Power Semiconductor Technology Moderator:
Brian Lin,
Assistant to General Manager, San’an Optoelectronic Co., LTD

Frontier of high power IGBT technology: high temperature, high power density and easy expandability

Kwok Wai Ma
Director, Industrial power Control of Infineon Technologies Hong Kong Limited

Power Semiconductor Technology  Advances China High-Speed Rail Development

Gary Liu
Vice General Manager of Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co.,Ltd.

A member of SEMI China Power & Compound Semiconductor Committee
Development and Trend of power semiconductors for high power and low losses applications

Makan chen
Senior Technical Sales Manager of ABB Switzerland Ltd -Semiconductors
Silicon Carbide (SiC)Power Modules for Energy Saving Applications

Michael Zhuang
General Manager of Nanjing SilverMicro Electronics, Ltd.

A member of SEMI China Power & Compound Semiconductor Committee
Power Green Revolution-Power Discrete Technologies

Jiye Yang
Director of Shanghai HHGrace

A member company of SEMI China Power & Compound Semiconductor Committee
15:05-15:20 Break
Session 3: Front-end Materials and Process

Session 3: Front-end Materials and Process Moderator:

Sun Qian,
Winner of First Prize of the National Technological Invention Award of China 2015,VP of Lattice Power

Rrogress on Silicon Carbide(SiC)  Epitaxial Technology for Power Semiconductors

Gan Feng
Vice President for R&D of Epiworld

Further advances in GaN and SiC epitaxial production technologies for efficient power semiconductor devices 

Dr. Frank Wischmeyer
Vice President Power Electronics, AIXTRON SE

Reliability and  yield limiting variances in power-electronic manufacturing-early detection by advanced in-situ monitoring

Thieme Tom
Director Marketing & Sales of LayTec AG

Closing Keynote
Toyota's challenge of applying SiC power semiconductors to environmentally friendly vehicles

17:15-17:20 Lucky Draw

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