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Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016
Venue: Pudong Ballroom 1+2+3, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

When will the Wearable really come up to the stage? When will Smart Home step into everybody's house? What will be the killer application of the IOT? Senior experts from Huawei, Bosch and other important experts in industry will come together to explore the break-through of sensor hub solutions. 

08:30-09:00 Registration

Dr. Sean Ding
Chief Scientist of Huawei/ Co-Chair of SEMI China Context Computing Committee


Welcome Speech

Dr. Wang Xi
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences/ Director General of SIMIT


Seeking Innovations & Making Progressive Improvements

David Wang
GM of Miramems sensing Technology Co., Ltd.

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Motion Sensing Technology for Wearable and VR Applications

Dr. Mr. Liou Shunnan
GM of CyweeMotion, Taiwan

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Advanced MIS Package Solution for Wearable & IOT Applications

Stanley Ong
Director Technology of JCET

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Human-machine-Environment Interaction and Situation Awareness

Dr. Liu Wei
Human Machine Interaction and Cognitive Engineering Lab Director of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

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无处不在的“Al Inside”

Dr. Yu Kai
CEO of Horizon Robotics .

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11:15-12:00 Panel I: Artificial Intelligence of IOT, Sean Ding(Chairman)/ Kai Yu / Wei Liu/ Huawei Kong / Stefan Finkbeiner / Tiber Lee
12:00-13:15 Break Time

Leopold Beer
Regional President Asia Pacific of Bosch Sensortec


Keynote: The Big Application Convergence – Trajectory and Impact

Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner
CEO and GM of Bosch Sensortec

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New Era of NB-IOT: New Technology and New Innovations make New Business

Claire Peng
Senior  director of Strategy & Business Development Department, Shenzhen Hisilicon Semiconductor Co.Ltd


The Opportunities and Challenges of IOT Market

Yang Yuchuan
Deputy General Manager of IOT BU, MEDIATEK

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Standardization of Packaging for the Internet of Things

Adrian Arcedera
Vp of MEMS and Sensors product of Amkor

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14:55-15:05 Break

SOI Based Platforms for IOT Optimized Applications

Dr. Carlos Mazure
PHD, Executive Director of SOI Industry Consortium, France

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Semiconductors: Accelerating IoT through Atomic Intelligence

Rajeev Rajan
VP of Product for IoT at GLOBALFOUNDRIES

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15:55 -16:40 Panel II- IOT: Dream and Reality, Chairman: Leopold Beer, Panelist: Claire Peng, Yuchuan Yang, Carlos Mazure, Tomas Bauer (Senior VP of Silex MICROSYSTEMS)
16:40 -16:55 Lucky Draw

*Agenda is subject to change

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