General Manager, Edwards Technologies Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Jason Xu joined BOC Edwards as General Manager, China, in 2004. In 2007, he became a General Manager for Edwards China.

Prior to his current position, he was with Intel’s overseas operations for eight years, as a Manufacturing Manager, a Plant Startup Manager for Intel PD2, and Engineering and TD Manager.

Jason began his industry career in 1991 as a Quality Engineer with Shanghai Johnson & Johnson, moving on to become a Manufacturing Supervisor and Planning Supervisor.

许坚于2004年加入BOC Edwards,担任中国区总经理。在2007年,他任Edwards中国区总经理。

在此之前,他在英特尔公司海外部门工作了八年,曾担任制造经理、Intel PD2工厂启动经理,以及工程和TD经理。

许先生于1991年开始职业生涯,在强生上海公司 (Shanghai Johnson & Johnson) 担任质量工程师,而后担任制造主管和计划主管。