Dr. Jianping Zhao

Project Manager

Jianping Zhao is a Member of Technical Staff in Tokyo Electron. As a project manager, he is leading the development of VHF based plasma source focusing on active control of plasma uniformity and understanding VHF related plasma chemistry and plasma-surface interactions. He was a project manager leading various microwave plasma source development for 22nm, 14nm, and 10nm FEOL etch applications (RLSATM) and microwave CVD and ALD applications (μ-CVD, NT 333). He invented several plasma hardware that are widely used in production in major IC makers that helps TEL wining the business breakthrough in FEOL market. His research, for the first time, differentiated microwave plasma and ICP. He also held several academic positions including research associate professor, STA Fellow, visiting professor in universities and national labs. Jianping holds 133 U.S. and world patents and has 72 journal publications including Physical Review B and several invited review papers that have been cited more than 600 times. He has given many invited talks and his research has been highlighted on newspaper and magazine. He has served as a peer review for 6 journals for more than 20 years. Jianping received a Ph.D. in materials physics in 1997 with an Extraordinary Presidential Award.