Dr. Weimin Gao
Technical Director, ASML

Weimin Gao received his bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University, China and obtained his master's and doctoral degrees in physics from KU Leuven, Belgium. His past professional experiences were with CSB&YOFC (China), Philips (Netherlands), imec (Belgium), Sigma-C (Germany), and Synopsys (US). He joined ASML in 2018 as a technical director in its Technology Development Center. Prior to joining ASML, he served as the Synopsys representative at imec for over 10 years where he had gained rich management experience in international technology collaborations and joint development projects. Dr. Gao is an expert in advanced optical lithography with more than 18 years of R&D experience. He has participated in the lithographic development of multiple generations of advanced CMOS technology from the 0.13um node down to the 7nm node. His technical expertise covers a wide range of lithographic topics including lithographic process development, exposure tool analysis and imaging, RET, optical modeling, OPC, DTCO, and metrology. For the past 10 years, his research activities has focused on the development of EUV lithography and he is currently working on EUV extension and high-NA EUVL. Dr. Gao has over 100 publications in various international journals and conferences, and has given invited presentations at many international conferences.