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China      A Vibrant and Expanding Semiconductor Market

• China is a word-class electronics manufacturing hub with fastest-growing economies
• To 2015: double annual China IC industry scales to RMB 330B, CARG: 18%
• Domestic IC design/fabless company are highly energetic, revenue CAGR of 2001-2010: 48%
• China mainland is one of fastest growing hubs of fab capacity, forecast China will account for more than 12% of WW fab capacity by 2015
• International IDM converts to fablite or fabless, which will release more outsourcing opportunities to Chinese foundries

SEMICON China 2015     World’s Largest Semiconductor Exhibition, Leading Forum for Microelectronics Manufacturing in China

The most recent SEMI data shows that China’ s semiconductor wafer equipment spending in 2011 increased by 13.6% compared with 2010. China's current Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) targets the expansion of China's microelectronics supply chain to meet the needs of the regional and other global markets. Analysts project that investments of more than US$40 billion will fuel Chinese semiconductor industry growth during this five-year period.

The main focus of SEMICON China is the further development of the China semiconductor and related emerging industries. High level executives from the industry, science and government will present their view and showcase their latest products and technology in the premier stage.

Exhibitor Markets

• Semiconductors
• Device Fabrication
• Wafer Processing
• Assembly/Packing/Test
• Components/Sub-systems
• Consumables/Materials
• Equipment/Parts
• Processes
• Services

SEMICON China 2015 Theme Pavilions

China Market IC Applications Pavilion
The pavilion spotlights companies and technologies focused on serving the fabless and IC design community. From IC design services to foundries to system assembly and test, the Pavilion showcases the best of China's IC supply chain.

LED Manufacturing Pavilion
The pavilion features manufacturing technologies and information specifically focused on advanced LED and solid state lighting. China currently leads the world in terms of the number of active and under construction LED epi wafer and chip fabs.

TSV Pavilion
The Pavilion showcases technologies and solutions for 3D IC and TSV systems. The growth of 3D IC and TSV has spawned a whole ecosystem for TSV technologies from industry, academia and research institutions, to equipment and material suppliers.

Secondary Equipment Applications, Service and Fab Productivity Solutions Pavilion
The pavilion features exhibits and solutions for the growing secondary equipment market in China. Analysts project sales of used semiconductor equipment China to increase to between US$ 800 million and US$1 billion in 2012.

MEMS Pavilion
The pavilion showcases exhibits of the latest advanced MEMS technologies, equipment, materials and design technology and service. Being a newly-added pavilion in SEMICON China 2013, MEMS pavilion is created to serve the fast growing needs of China MEMS industy.

SEMICON China 2015 Concurrent Programs:

• China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC 2015)
• LED China 2015 Conference
• 3D IC Technology Forum
• Advanced Automotive Electronics: Applications and Opportunities in the China Market
• Parts and Equipment OEM Market
• Secondary Equipment Applications, Services, and Fab Productivity Solutions
• MEMS Technology Forum