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China ---  A Vibrant and Expanding Semiconductor Market

• China is a word-class electronics manufacturing hub with fastest-growing economies
• To 2015: double annual China IC industry scales to RMB 330B, CARG: 18%
• Domestic IC design/fabless company are highly energetic, revenue CAGR of 2001-2010: 48%
• China mainland is one of fastest growing hubs of fab capacity, forecast China will account for more than 12% of WW fab capacity by 2015
• International IDM converts to fablite or fabless, which will release more outsourcing opportunities to Chinese foundries

SEMICON China 2015   The World’s Largest Semiconductor Industry Platform, where Market, Technology, Investment Opportunities come together!

The main focus of SEMICON China is the further development of the China semiconductor and related emerging industries. High level executives from the industry, science and government will present their view and showcase their latest products and technology in the premier stage.

Exhibitor Markets

• Semiconductors
• Device Fabrication
• Wafer Processing
• Assembly/Packing/Test
• Components/Sub-systems
• Consumables/Materials
• Equipment/Parts
• Processes
• Services

SEMICON China 2015 Theme Pavilions

China Market IC Applications Pavilion
From IC Design to Manufacturing, Building China’s Semiconductor Industry Supply Chain

The China Market IC Applications Pavilion showcases products, technologies, and manufacturing solutions focused on serving China's fabless IC community, from design to final manufacturing. Exhibits and displays in this pavilion include technologies, services, and solutions for design, EDA, IP, foundry, and systems assembly and test..

LED Manufacturing Pavilion
China:The Largest LED Manufacturing Base Worldwide
According to the latest statistics of SEMI China, China now is the largest country worldwide in terms of the number of LED epi wafer and chip fabs which are under operation or construction. In 2011,over 400 new MOCVDs will be installed in China,which tops the world.BY 2015, The installed MOCVSs will be over 1500 units,thus the capacity of LED epi wafer and chips of China will lead the world.And there are more than 1000 LED packaging companies. The overall China LED Manufacturing industry has become the largest base in the world. 

TSV Pavilion
TSV Pavilion is an new exhibition section in SEMICON China and will supply a platform to display key equipment in current TSV technology, TVS packaging materials and relevant technical service from the perspective of electronic system application and market demand.

Secondary Equipment Applications, Service and Fab Productivity Solutions Pavilion
Facilitating Effective Development of China Semiconductor Industry
The special pavilion will display information about used equipment of semiconductor manufacturing, service provided with the use of used equipment and solution for raising productivity.

MEMS Pavilion
High-tech Platform for Expanding New Application Market of Semiconductor Technology

In the light of current China’s MEMS industry development requirement, this Pavilion mainly covers the most advanced MEMS technology, equipment, material, designing and related services, expanding the Hi-tech platform of the new semiconductor application field.

IC Material Pavilion
17 Exhibitors with 60 booths, all from local IC Material Industry and Institution, to show their capabilities to support Semiconductor growth from good to great! Local IC Material is one of shining stars in Semiconductor world. 

Intelligent Wearable Industry Pavilion
Following Intelligent mobile phone, intelligent wearable devices are most likely to become the leader of next hardware wave. Since the appearance of “Google glasses" , many domestic and foreign manufacturers have come into wearable industry, related products are also penetrating into the field of message and entertainment, sports fitness, safety protection, medical management. Intelligent Wearable Industry Pavilion arranged by SEMI will cover the companies of the whole industry, such as: products, IC design, MEMS, Display, Micro Projection, Power, Battery, Intelligent hardware besides Intelligent home and medical field. All of these are just for your feeling and exhibition.

SEMICON China 2015 Concurrent Programs

 ● China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC) 2015
   Date: March 15-16, 2015  

Advanced Packaging
   Date: March 17, 2015

● SEMI China PV Standards Technical Committee Spring Meeting 2015
   Date: March 17, 2015

 Semiconductor Market & China Opportunity
   Date: March 18, 2015

 Tech Investment Forum -- China 2015
   Date: March 18, 2015

 China Equipment and Materials Forum
   Date: March 18, 2015

 Build China’s IC Ecosystem
   Date: March 18, 2015

 LED China Conference 2015
   Date: March 18, 2015

● China FPD Conference 2015
   Date: March 18-19, 2015

 Mobile Technology Enabled by Semiconductor
   Date: March 18, 2015