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March 2023 www.semiconchina.org

Your SEMICON China Team

Should you have further questions, please contact a SEMICON China team member listed below.

Exhibiting & Sponsorship

Ms. Hannah Zhao
Tel: +86.21.6027.8571
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Xianbo Sun
Tel: +86.21.6027.8569
Email: [email protected]

Show Preparation
(Booth Construction, Freight Handling, Exhibitors Registration, etc)

Mr. Azir Xiang
Tel: +86.21.6027.8536
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Ryan Cai
Tel: +86.21.6027.8520
Email: [email protected]

SEMICON China 2023 Upates

SNIEC will send staffs to booths to ensure booth facilities are completely and properly installed. After inspection, SNIEC will provide the power normally by 12:00pm, Jun. 28, 2023. For special cases, applications for early power supply, please contact MEGA EXPO or refer to Form 5 (Electrical Setting) for details.

Exhibitor who contracted Raw Space in SEMICON China 2023 are subjected to a Hall Management Fee (RMB 23/sqm) per rules published by SNIEC. All raw space exhibitors are required to pay the Hall Management Fee to official contractor. MEGA EXPO before May 26th, 2023.

The maximum height for E1-E7 raw space stand structure is 4.4 meters, and for T1-T2 raw space stand structure is 4 meters.

SEMICON China 2023 Safety Measurament
All raw space exhibitor's contractor must submit the contractor's license. The electrician must has the electrician certificate and the copied documents should be the same as the electrician operating on the show site.

All raw space exhibitors must assign a full-time employee to be the safety construction manager to coordinate safety construction and monitor the entire working process. Please finish and return the Form 3 (Safety Construction Manager Registration Form).

Exhibitors who rent raw space can appoint their own contractors to set up the booth. Please ensure you and your contractor read and observe all the rules & regulations in the 《Safety Construction Guideline》. For details please refer to EAC Inspection & Move-in Process or Section 5 in Exhibitor Service Manual.

Back Wall Construction Guideline for Raw Booth
All raw booths, except island configurations, must provide a full back wall, minimum of 2.4 meters (8”) in height. All exposed walls must be finished on all sides at the expense of the exhibitor who owns the walls. All exposed wall areas or exposed structures must be covered by white PVC cloth without any break, contamination, graphics or texts. If the back wall did not meet the above requirements, penalty will be deducted from the construction deposit.

Download Center
> Exhibitor Services Manual
  The manual will provide you with everything you need for a successful exhibition. Please take time to download and read through it, ensuring that the necessary actions are taken and the service forms are returned as required by their respective deadlines.
> SEMICON China 2023 Booth Information & Floorplan
  We encourage you to bookmark the FLOORPLAN so you can view it conveniently throughout the show cycle.
This Month

Exhibitor Password
Your Company name is: [[CompanyName]]
Your password is: [[Password]]
Use your password to:
-Log-in the Online Exhibitor Administrative Site to submit your company profile and products information. The earlier you submit your information, the more exposure opportunities you will have to the potential clients.

-Log-in the Online Exhibitor Service Center to register your company's Exhibiting Personnel before Jun. 16, 2023. One person, one badge.

Maximize your exhibit with SEMICON China 2023 Marketing Promotion Opportunities!
SEMICON China is the largest pan-semiconductor platform in the world. At SEMICON China, you have many opportunities to integreate different marketing channels along with your participation as an exhibitor on the show floor.
Complement your company's presence at SEMICON China with pre-show mailing, press releases, product announcements, speaking engagements, sponsorships, branding opportunities, and other activities. Click to learn more abot the Marketing Promotion Opportunities!

Upgraded Package Booth
To help exhibitors save the high booth decoration fee, SEMI here provides you with several specially designed package booths. These simplified and cost-effective booths will not only save your time but also help you exhibit smartly and invest wisely. For details please refer to Form 9 in
Exhibitor Service Manual.

CSTIC 2023
On June 26-27, 2023, semiconductor industry executives and technical experts from across the world will converge at Shanghai for the annual China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC).
?For more information, please visit the CSTIC Site.

Contact:Ms. Cheryl Qiu
Tel: +86.21.6027.8552
Email: [email protected]