Er-Xuan Ping
Managing Director, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Applied Materials, Inc.


In his current position, Er-Xuan Ping is responsible for strategy and product development in novel materials and memory technology. Before joining Applied Materials, he was an engineering director at SanDisk, leading material, process, process integration, and device characterization teams to develop 3D RW technology at the 4X and 2X nodes. Earlier, at Micron Technology, he progressed from unit process development engineer, to module technology leader, and thin film group manager. He earned his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Iowa State University and holds 167 issued patents.


The Memory Evolution: 2D to 3D and Beyond

The shift to 3D memory architectures is now solidly established with advances in etch and deposition technologies demonstrating success in addressing the associated challenges of high aspect ratio, uniformity, and selectivity. This talk will describe these advances and illustrate their effectiveness in overcoming these challenges, made possible for high-volume manufacturing by state-of-the-art process systems. Looking ahead, the talk will highlight requirements of proliferating data-centric computing applications and the commercial Internet of Things market; touch on memory technologies , such as STTRAM, 3D XPointTM, and 3D ReRAM that are viewed as promising solutions; and address the materials engineering and process integration challenges they pose.