Wei Yuan 袁伟
ICRD, Assistant Process technology Director
上海集成电路研发中心 技术研发部副部长

个人简介 / Biography

Wei Yuan currently is the assistant director of process technologies department in ICRD. He is responsible for ICRD 14nm and below patterning technology development, domestic lithography tool and material evaluation and certification, advanced OPC technologies development.

Wei Yuan has more than 16 years of experience in lithography and OPC field. He has applied over 25 patents range from lithography tools, patterning process, OPC and metrology.

Wei Yuan received his B. S. degree in Statistics from Tongji University and master degree in Microelectronics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

袁伟现任ICRD技术研发部副部长,负责ICRD 14nm及以下图形化技术开发,国产光刻设备及材料的评估验证,先进OPC技术开发。袁伟在光刻和OPC领域有超过16年的经验。他申请超过25项专利,涉及光刻设备、光刻工艺、OPC和量测。